Teaching Project Management, Stephen M. Portz

This is a resume of the article.

Everything you do is a project.

The article goes into problems that arise in Team Project Based Learning(TPBL).

Motivation Levels

While heterogeneous grouping is best, good students can be doing more than their share and less motivated ones can hide away. A solution to this includes well designed and administered TPBL.
Features of TPBL include team rewards, individual accountability and equal opportunities for succes.
Teach students essentials of effective project management, e.g. using a Gannt chart.

Gantt chart, wikimedia

Time management

One of the students most essential needs is learning how to budget time. (Lucier, 2011)

A plan should start with identifying all the tasks needed to complete the project, with help from the teacher. Assigning a task number and amount of time.  The planning should take into account constraints between tasks, e.g.  a certain task  has to be performed before another can start.  So tasks should be sequenced. After this responsibility of tasks can be assigned to each student.

Monitoring on-task behavior

Evidence of each task completed should be provided.

Engagement in the work can be monitored by cross referencing the planning and the completion of the tasks. Progress can be graded.

Differentiated grading

Assign three different grades:

  • project grade (rubric)
  • project management grade (was the progress on time)
  • individual participation grade (peer evaluation)


Portz, S.M. 2014, “project management”, Technology and Engineering Teacher, vol. 73, no. 7, pp. 19.


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