A conversation about connections with Peter Block

In this article Peter says connected communities can change the world, and libraries are at the forefront of that revolution.
Empowerment, stewardship, and accountability are at the heart of what makes libraries function.

He describes how people aren’t connecting anymore (in real life). Meetings like in a town hall or church are patriarchal and not designed to meet and communicate others.

Libraries are among the last places where people of different class meet.

It’s really coincidential that i came along this article: when IC2 began i went to the library for the first time in years and after getting some books on project management I sat down in the small reading room. I noticed that people said hello to each other when they entered. And after a while they began discussing current items in the news, reflecting on the quality of magazines, etc. It struck me that they were all very polite to each other and respected each others ideas. Having spent years on internet forums this is quite refreshing.

Good to read that Block encourages the community, something I am trying to stimulate in my project plan.

Brandes, J. (2013). A CONVERSATION ABOUT CONNECTIONS… PETER BLOCK. American Libraries, 44(1/2), 65.


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